Rising artist, Tucker Nichol, tackles a certain topic with the release of her new single “Long Story Short,” available everywhere now.

Throughout the song, Nichol sings, “I see a pattern, You’re an illusion, You gotta problem, Ain’t no solution.” With its release, she doesn’t stay away from the sensitive topic of abusive relationships and moves on from them.

The track was written by Nichol, alongside Mary Weitz (FLETCHER, Alina Baraz, Normani), Adam Korbesmeyer, and Jerry Lang II of cut&dry (Remi Wolf, PRETTYMUCH).

You can watch the official video below.

Say what you want, but that wasn’t love” is one of my favorite lines of the entire song. I became so exhausted and disgusted by people claiming that they loved but treating me horrendously. I finally realized that real ‘love’ doesn’t look like that. People cannot be volatile with you and then use the guise of ‘love’ as a crutch to fall back on. We tend to have blinders for certain people, but when you allow yourself to see them for who they really are, it becomes a major lightbulb moment,” tells Tucker about her latest single.

From Nichol’s vocals, the production, and the lyrics throughout the song this release is the path to stardom for her career.

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