Indie-Pop Songwriter Seth Swirsky Rings Holiday Cheer with “Christmas Eve” (Exclusive)

From songwriter to the artist, Seth Swirsky adds a little holiday cheer to his catalog with the release of “Christmas Eve.”

It always means a lot to me when I can turn a real-life “experience” into a song. I had met a woman named Eve at a Christmas eve party one year. She lived on the other side of the country. But, every year, she flew in for the same Christmas Party. Thus, I only saw Eve on Christmas Eve. I thought that would make for a fun song,” tells Seth.

You can exclusively listen to “Christmas Eve” via Countrypolitan below.

I first recorded all of the instruments for the song and then I sang the lead vocals, as I usually do on my recordings. The real fun came in though when I sang all the background harmony parts.They just lent themselves to a kind of Beach Boys-type sound. I wasn’t aware I was going to do this, but sometimes you just sing and see what comes out. The engineers in the studio all loved the way it sounded so I stayed up all night stacking vocal harmonies on top of each other like The Beach Boys did in the mid-60s on songs like “Help Me Rhonda”. That was tremendous fun,” tells Seth.

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Swirsky continues his pop tracks filled with incredible instrumental throughout his original holiday release. With major “Beach Boys” vibes throughout the song, he creates a song that is truly enjoyable for every listener of every age.

As a songwriter, Seth has had #1 songs for Taylor Dayne, Tina Turner, Celine Dion, and Olivia Newton-John, to name a few.

Aside from the holiday release, Seth shared his 4th solo album, “Songs From The Green Couch,” which features well-brought-together pop songs for everyone to enjoy.

“I released my 4th solo album of 70s-inspired pop songs this past year called “Songs From the Green Couch” (Lolipop Records). We released 3 singles and there are at least 2 more on the way in 2023 with videos. So, while people are still enjoying it, I’m going to keep promoting it! Plus, I’m almost done making the follow-up to my movie “Beatles Stories” which is currently playing on SkyArts television in England and around the world. So, lots of creative stuff on the horizon!” tells Seth.

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