New Music Friday: Thomas Rhett, Katy Perry, Harry Styles, Clayton Mann, & More

Today, we were treated to special releases from so many incredibly talented artists. Check out our round-up of the hottest new releases within all genres below!

“As It Was” – Harry Styles

“When You’re Gone – Shawn Mendes

“up at night” – Kehlani, Justin Bieber

“Where We Started” – Thomas Rhett, Katy Perry

“J.O.Y.” – Canaan Cox

“You Were Loved” – Gryffin, OneRepublic

“God Made Airplanes” – Jason Aldean

“ATTENTION” – Miley Cyrus

“Big Energy” – Latto, Mariah Carey, DJ Khaled

“Take My Hand” – 5 Seconds of Summer

“Once in a Blue Moon” – Triston Marez, Jenna Paulette

“Last Buffalo” – Colby Acuff

“There Are The Ways” – Red Hot Chilli Peppers

“Never Til Now” – Ashley Cooke, Brett Young

“Nightfalls” – Keith Urban

“Bitches These Days” – Olivia O’Brien

“You Just Getting Older” – Kyle Clark, Riley Roth

“out of the blue” – Courtney Govan

“Permanent Damage” – Kylie Muse

“Tattoos” – Karley Scott Collins

“Don’t It Sound Alright” – Adam Doleac

“I’m Not There Yet” – Hayden Joseph

“Fire It Up” – Jonah Prill

“Good As Gospel” – Clayton Mann

“Break Up Goin’ Down” – Reid Haughton 

“Godsend” – Riley Clemmons, Brett Young

“Dreamin’s Free” – Caitlyn Smith

“GO SHAWTY GO” – Terrence Leon

“Over It” – Stacey Dineen

“Dirt On It” – Noah Hicks

“Mood (Casual Sessions)” – Erin Grand

A Hard Working Man” – Billy Ray Syrus, Snoop Dog, The Avila Brothers


“Bout To Be” – Seth Michael

“Know It All” – Lisa Canny

“Goldmine” – Oshima Brothers

“Break of Dawn” – Cory Singer

“Something Felt Different” – Jon Edmund

“Love Or Dreams” – Brenda Cay

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