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Nashville singer-songwriter Meghan Pulles is releasing her new LP ear baby tomorrow, but you can listen to it a day early as it exclusively premieres right here with Countrypolitan Magazine. 

Listen to ear baby here:

You can pre-save and stream the LP when it comes out by clicking here.

Meghan Pulles reigns as an emo-positive Nashville-based genre-defying singer-songwriter and artist with an ability to beautifully blend pastoral melodies with nostalgia. With a staunch devotion to musical healing, her compositions are all about the emotions and feeling it evokes in her listeners. Ranging from drenching folk to melodic pop and indie styles, her work is reminiscent of the musical richness of Regina Spektor and the softness of Joni Mitchell.

This album features 12 original songs and one reprise. Meghan has previously released one of the tracks titled “10,000 rains (oma’s song)” as a single which premiered exclusively on Music Crowns. In that article about this incredibly heartfelt single, they wrote “Meghan has always written her music from a vulnerable and raw place, and this song is no exception.” This whole album is no exception. Meghan has us sitting on the edge of our seats hanging on to every word she sings.

Meghan describes this project as “This is the fairytale story about recovering through emotional abuse and trauma. It is a story of being human and moving through authentic emotions such as grief, depression, anxiety, CPTSD, etc. ‘ear baby’ is a part of me but also a part of anyone who has been through a very dark time and has found the light at the end of it. It’s a heroine’s journey about surviving.”

This album has an amazing start with the chilling tune titled “once upon a time.” The song begins with a simple piano melody that pierces through the air. Meghan’s haunting voice comes in with the first lyrics “Once upon a time / No reason and no rhyme.” Under the second verse, we begin to hear the distinct sounds of a harmonica playing. The inclusion of a harmonica plays to Meghan’s uniqueness as it isn’t an instrument often heard. Later in the album is a reprise of “once upon a time.” The instrumentals feature a guitar rather than a piano giving it a warmer feeling. There is also a more equal balance between actual lyrics and vocalizing. Through the lyrics, Meghan can convey this harrowing feeling of trying to escape this madness that surrounds her in her waking hours. She sings “But in my sleep, you’ll hide,” it is the only time she can know peace. The music mellows as a short speaking section begins and Meghan starts the chorus “The sinking feeling sits / Way down deep inside.”

Exclusively, Pulles tells Countypolitan: “Going from an opera singer to a singer-songwriter has been a journey but has also been a real spiritual awakening for me. I am finally aligned with what I am supposed to do in this world, and how I am supposed to help others heal through my music. I have primarily written in the folk/pop realm but am excited to continue writing in the alt-country space, and can’t wait to see what’s down the line for me in Nashville. The inspiration for ‘ear baby’ lies in healing for me, and a guidebook to healing for the listener. I want everyone who listens to this LP to feel seen, heard, accepted, and loved for the struggles they have faced in this realm, and to know that there is light in the darkest of darkness. This album starts and ends the same as a reminder to all of us that it is okay to start over.”

Meghan switches up her vibe and throws in a bit of country twang with the track titled “wildflower.” A banjo plays a front-porch-sitting melody as a tambourine diddy gives the song a little brightness. The tambourine drops out as Meghan sets the tone for the song with the first lyrics “It’s been nothing but gray skies / Try to dream them all away.” A kickstart from the drumset is the catalyst as the music quickly ramps up. Meghan begins the chorus with the title “wildflower.” She goes on to ask “What’s your superpower? / How do you remain? / Standing strong through the rain.” Meghan is reaching out asking for help. She wants to learn how to stand strong in the face of adversity, a powerful skill beneficial to us all. Maybe we should all be a little more like that wildflower standing strong through the rain.

Musically and sonically for this record, Pulles was inspired by Regina Spektor, Taylor Swift, Ingrid Michaelson, Kate Bush, and Fleetwood Mac to name a few.

Keep up with Meghan Pulles here.

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