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Aaron Watson released his new LP Cover Girl today, and the project has taken us on an emotional and poignant journey through some of Aaron’s handpicked cover tracks by female artists. The album was inspired by Aaron’s musical journey with his daughter Jolee Kate Watson, showing her some of his favorite and most legendary songs from the iconic women of country and music as a whole past and present.

Listen to the LP here:

Countrypolitan has your breakdown of Cover Girl here:

Track 1: “Seven Year Ache” (feat. Jena Paulette)

A comfortable and warm track, Jenna Paulette blends her Stevie Nicks/Miley Cyrus vocal tone with Watson’s twang to build a track that feels like the nostalgia of looking back on memories of home.

Track 2: “A Million Reasons” (feat. Morgan Myles)

Watson’s soft and pure tone couples perfectly with Morgan Myle’s generous vocals and the steel guitar’s accompaniment to build a heart-wrenching track that leaves the listener begging for a happy resolution to their tortured hearts.

Track 3: “Back on the Chain” (feat. Twinnie)

A boppy delight that has you joyfully along for the ride with Watson and Twinnie as the percussion mirrors the sound of a train on a track, chugging along without a care in the world. 

Track 4: “Love at the Five and Dime” (feat. Jamie Lin Wilson)

A sleepy lullaby of a couple’s journey into love, partnership, and struggles. Jamie Lin Wilson confidently shines with her woody vocals alongside Watson like they’ve told this story a hundred times and enjoy every opportunity to tell it again. 

Track 5: “Can’t Cry Anymore” (feat. Bri Bagwell)

A sassy and iconic bluesy track that induces visions of smoky honky tonks and line dancing nights, Can’t Cry Anymore weaves a tale of the process of accepting that it’s time to move, and getting ready to launch into new romantic adventures with piano-forward accompaniment and an feel-good beat. Bri Bagwell brings her unique flair to the single, driving the narrative forward.

Track 6: “All Through The Night” (feat. Leigh Nash)

Slide guitar, mandolin, guitar and fiddle help build the scene, cupping Leigh Nash and Watson’s earnest vocals in this Southern lullaby telling of a couple’s promise to each other that their love stretches beyond the mistakes of the past, that the present is all that matters as they launch into their future. 

Track 7: “9 to 5” (feat. Kylie Frey)

Is it possible to not enjoy this track? Watson and Frey daringly (and successfully) bring their own iteration of the Parton anthem with a refreshing joie de vivre, proud to be singing one of the most beloved songs of the South. Flawlessly executed, no notes.

Track 8: “You’re The Reason God Made Oklahoma” (feat. Kimberly Kelly)

A cross-country romance places the listener in between two worlds as Watson croons of his lover, living in LA. Frey joins in with wistful pining as she considers her home in LA against the backdrop of her love back in Oklahoma. A song of appreciation for good ole country living, and the gifts a simpler life can bring. Kimberly Kelly’s smooth vocal delivery and expertise shine on the classic country feel of this track.

Track 9: “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Ole Days)” (feat. Courtney Patton)

A nostalgia filled track by The Judds, a grandchild opens up a conversation with their Grandpa about the traditions of the past that are now somewhat fleeting, the lyrics evoke feelings of hazy country sunset conversations on the front porch. A little sad, but a sweet reminder of times gone by. Watson and Courtney perfectly emote these feelings of nostalgia in a classic country tune we all know and love. Tears on this one.

Track 10: “Two More Bottles of Wine” (feat. Alyssa Micaela)

Get your boots on before they put themselves on, because Watson and Micaela aren’t playing around with this one! The track offers a bluesy line-dancing beat reminiscent of the good ole honky tonks of Broadway- smoky, unapologetic, and always a good time.

Track 11: “Never Grow Up” (feat. Jolee Kate Watson)

Watson and Watson recreate this Swift – written tune with tenderness and steady calm. A sweet reminder of the love of a parent, and how difficult it can be to watch a child grow into adulthood. Soft yet direct, the sentimental track closes out the album with finesse, and Jolee is the shining star of the track, with her proud papa supporting. Perfect for today’s 1989 (Taylor’s Version) release.

For over 20 years now, Aaron Watson has traveled the land as country’s ultimate underdog troubadour – a truly independent artist with the spirit of the American frontier in his veins, and a self-made empire to match. 

Working without corporate backers, he has nonetheless reached the Top 10 of Billboard’s Country Album chart five separate times – an impressive feat by any standard – and that includes his triumphant 2015 set, The Underdog, which landed at Number One. Matching sold-out shows across the country with homegrown hits, he’s followed suit at country radio, making history in 2017 with “Outta Style” and “Run Wild Horses.”

Watson is currently headlining his own tour the Roughstock Road Show, and has just shy of a billion streams and over a million social followers collectively.

Keep up with Aaron Watson at his website.

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