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The Kentucky Gentlemen’s new song “Neon Cowboy” is electric. Guitars radiate a blinding glow, and the duo’s (Brandon and Derek Campbell) voices pierce into the eardrums like fish hooks. “No better than the here and now,” they sing. Their voices are silky smooth, as they slide into their falsetto with ease, and you won’t be able to get enough.

“You may be all about bluegrass and small towns, bonfires, and scarlet skies,” they sing. “You might be raising up, big city made under all them uptown nights / We all got our own kind of shine / And it’s burning bright, yeah.”

A real barn burner, “Neon Cowboy” impresses upon the listener the importance of holding onto that spark, that quality that makes you you. “There’s no denying that rhinestone shining,” they add. In the accompanying video, the duo takes it a step further and boasts their own special it factor, allowing the listener to get a clear sense of not only their vibe but that of Black Rodeo culture. It’s enough to scorch the senses, in the best way possible.

Listen to “Neon Cowboy” below.

In a press statement, the duo explains their intent behind the clip: “We have immense respect for Black Rodeo culture and the invaluable contributions they have made to the world of rodeo. For this reason, we’ve chosen to tribute the Black Rodeo in the video. These organizations have provided a platform for black cowboys and cowgirls to showcase their exceptional skills and talents. These athletes have paved the way for future generations to pursue their passion for rodeo, regardless of their background or what the status quo is. We want their legacy to continue to inspire and empower individuals from all walks of life. We admire that because that is exactly what we’re intending to do with the music and art that we create.”

“Neon Cowboy” is the duo’s first ounce of new music since the release of their debut EP, The Kentucky Gentlemen: Vol. 1, last year. The Kentucky Gentlemen are gunning for the mainstream market, and they more than fit the bill. Their work is deliciously polished while tipping their cowboy hats to the acts of yore, such as Brooks & Dunn. But they’ve got their own sort of shine. And they are shining.

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