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In the ever-evolving world of country music, emerging star Tayler Holder brings some of his best work to the table with his latest single, “Goin’ Out Sober.” In this exclusive premiere with Countrypolitan, we delve into the heartfelt narrative behind the song and the impactful emotions it carries.

Tayler Holder – “Goin’ Out Sober”

Tayler Holder’s “Goin’ Out Sober” addresses a universal theme that many can relate to – the pain of encountering a recent ex in social settings.

Holder shares, “The second I heard this song, I felt sympathy for every one of my friends who have ever gone through a breakup in my super small hometown of Alvarado Texas, where everyone knew everyone. This song speaks on the feelings of how people can’t deal with the emotions of seeing a recent ex and using alcohol to cope with the pain of knowing they’re going to be seeing their ex-significant other out. Truth be told, the day I got pitched this song, I saw it in action as one of my close friends was going through a tough breakup but his ex was very much in the friend group so he would always be using alcohol to numb the pain of having to see her out and I’m sure she was doing the same. Since I’ve never personally drank it was hard to see my friend go through this but I slowly realized how common this is and how relatable this song truly is to most people.” 

With lyrics, “I ain’t goin’ out sober, I ain’t doin’ that tonight / cuz if it’s really over I’m gonna drink some bottle dry / I don’t care if it’s whiskey, don’t care if it’s wine / I’m gon’ need to numb the pain in case I see you, that’s why,” Tayler tells an authentic story through his emotive vocal performance.

As the opening chords strum, “Goin’ Out Sober” immediately draws you in with its modern, clean country production. Tayler’s smooth vocals set the stage for a story that unfolds like a heartfelt confession. The lyrics to “Goin’ Out Sober,” are poignant and relatable, conveying the vulnerability of trying to face your past love in a world where they still exist. 

The chorus, in particular, stands out as a powerful anthem of resilience and emotional courage – even though the character in this song wants to go out sober, they have to numb the pain from the damage done.

Tayler Holder shines through in “Goin’ Out Sober,” creating a connection with listeners that is both personal and universal. The song is beautifully produced, with a combination of modern and classic country production.

This single showcases Tayler Holder’s growth as an artist, both in terms of his artistry and vocal delivery. “Goin’ Out Sober” is more than just a song; it’s an emotional journey that resonates with anyone who has experienced the pain of post-breakup encounters – and Tayler conveys the story perfectly.

Keep up with Tayler Holder on Instagram and TikTok.

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