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Misty Dawn releases 8 song-LP, Tarantula. The LP is a captivating musical web spun by the songstress herself, filled with drama, self-growth, camp, and theatrics on full display. With sonic qualities that pay dues to outlaw country, rock, and pop, Dawn’s LP is bound to please audiences of all kinds.

Listen to the full project here:

Tarantula – Misty Dawn

Featured Countrypolitan favorite tracks include:

“Why Put A Man” – Post-cuffing season vibes abound as a sultry-voiced Dawn questions God’s intentions in placing a certain someone into her life. Dawn contends, “I know I’ve been a sinner, it’s a matter of fact, but why put a man in my life like that?” The emotions of the track, played to a renegade-esque rhythm, are relatable to romantics everywhere who just want to keep moving forward without seemingly being required to deal with unexpected suitors that send them for a loop.

“Pink Tax” – In this sarcasm-laced political observation of Pink Tax, Dawn takes on the cruel voice of capitalism, encouraging women to keep buying products that have pink on them for a few dollars more, and reminding them that a few more dollars won’t do any harm. It is a harsh reminder of the cost of living for today’s modern woman, all juxtaposed against the throwdown sounds of a hoe down. Humorous, real, and a little unnerving.

“Spirit Moves” – Deliciously nostalgic imagery of the heat of a Southern church service invites us into the track as Dawn imbues us with memories of a spiritual experience from the past. Vignettes of lusty sins, the smacking of disapproving lips…the music is easy and warm. Slide guitar and banjo peppers the aural landscape. Still air is moved only by the fans of the ladies in attendance and a question of next steps is posed as we too are invited to be moved by the Spirit.

In this album, she not only showcases her exceptional vocal talent but also offers a glimpse into her essence as both an artist and a person. She shares, “Part theatre, desert swing country, and jazz, Tarantula invites you to explore the cavernous spaces a woman is often asked to fill, simply because she exists.”

Told through an 8-song arch, Misty Dawn must weave her way through and around societal expectations by being both vulnerable and empowered in her choices. 

“Tarantula” delves into themes of love, heartache, and self-discovery, providing a rich tapestry of storytelling that resonates with anyone who has experienced the complexities of relationships and personal growth.

What sets ‘Tarantula’ apart is the seamless blend of classic western/outlaw country elements with modern production sensibilities. While paying homage to the genre’s roots, Misty Dawn infuses each track with unique care in order to pay attention to all genres she has been influenced by: theatre, desert swing, and country.

Keep up with Misty Dawn here.

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