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A ton of pressure comes with a debut single. It’s the signal that you’ve arrived, planting your flag in your preferred genre. You can’t mess it up or you run the risk of not gaining enough steam to launch a career. With their debut offering, Angie and Chris McConnell (known together as Eleyet McConnell) fortunately emerge as a promising new act in the Americana space. “Gettin’ By” details that even though they don’t have a lot, they’re still good. “Oh, I’m gettin’ by,” sings Angie in the chorus.

“So, I’m paying my bills, getting all my thrills / But money is running dry / I’m drinking too many shots to givin’ all I’ve got,” continues Angie, “but I’m still let down / I’m tired of spending my time where I don’t belong / And it hurts when I’m coming down.” She sings frankly and to the point, exacting each word with galvanized weight. She then laces in a pinch of emotion to give the lyrics a further boost, enough so that the performance is one to truly remember.

Out of Central Ohio, Eleyet McConnell eyes a debut album, expected later this fall.

Listen to “Gettin’ By” below.

Coming from very different musical backgrounds — Angie finds inspiration from Heart and Janis Joplin, whereas Chris gravitates toward Pink Floyd and The Doobie Brothers — the pair connected 10 years ago. Their musical and personal chemistry was instant. “I never really thought much about writing before I met Chris. He tapped into something I didn’t even know existed…. now it just flows,” says Angie.

“She and I are on the same musical page. We both feel the same groove. We are both blues and soul. We can relate to each and every song,” Chris chimes in. “We write about very personal experiences, and we know people can relate to our story. The good and the bad — it’s real.”

If “Gettin’ By” is any indication, their future is looking bright.

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