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The glow of neon bends like fractured light through your fifth beer. The sound of laughter and chatter surrounds you. You might have felt alone, but a new-found group of comrades makes you feel seen and loved. With their new song “Fools Gold,” pop collective Every Us (led by Ryan Jones and previously featuring contributions from Olivia Reid, Michael Tighe, Charlie Klasfield, and guitarist Dan Sagher) bask in the present moment and let all their fears and worries melt from their bodies. “For a minute, we had it all,” sings Jones.

Percussion and handclaps slap like waves lining a craggy cliff. The stone is immovable, but the sound it makes isn’t. It echos. It breathes. It reverberates over land and sea to the end of the world. “So I put all we had in the bed of the truck / And you went and got your flannel on,” Jones murmurs. “Because we’re all we got left / And we’re sitting in regret / And I can’t put another channel on / So I tried not to rush when you told me to hush.”

“Fools Gold” rushes over the senses. It’s a song you just have to experience for yourself. Production flickers, and Jones remains the one constant, even as the distortion masks his vocal lines. Its piano underpinnings poke through the fabric here and there and ground the song in organic soil. It’s as ethereal as it is earthy, and that’s its magic.

Listen to “Fools Gold” below.

Every Us is the brainchild of Ryan Jones. Out of their 2022 live events, the NYC-based collective has amassed more than 200 creatives as part of the revolving door of collaborators, spanning genres like folk, jazz, and R&B. “Fools Gold” follows their debut entry, “Someday,” released earlier this year.

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