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When it rains, it pours. That’s never clearer than when you’re in the throes of heartache. Feeling his pain rattling his ribcage, Tyler Chambers likens the pouring out of liquor to quench the hurt as a hurricane. “It’s raining / I’m pouring,” he sings in the chorus. Electric guitar thunders in the background, giving the song further emotional depth.

“It’s Raining,” co-written with Dallas Davidson, Dylan Marlowe, and Zach Abend, is a torrential downpour of relentless feeling. While writing for the EP, Chambers “spent the weekend at Dallas’ farm hunting turkeys and fishing – things that we all love to do,” he says. “I think that that helped us write songs that were me through and through. I think we nailed the twist on the old rhyme.”

“Pouring down like a George Rain, up against my window pane,” he sings, casting his voice into the eye of the storm. “This ole heart won’t ever be the same.” The song burns like a shot of whiskey, so it’s appropriate Chambers has staged the song like he has – set in a dive with the neon glow draping his shoulder blades.

Listen to “It’s Raining” below.

Originally from Douglas, Georgia, Chambers moved to Nashville back in 2016. While it’s taking a while to rev his artistic engines, “It’s Raining” is a cleverly-spun ode to heartache that grips your heart and won’t let you go. You could say he was made for country music. Growing up, that was irrefutably evident. “At every turn, country music was tugging at me,” he says, “and I really valued the way of life in a small town – the values, the morales – I loved music in general, and I feel like I was intentionally submerging myself in it, too. I knew if there was something I wanted to be good at, it was country music.”

“It’s Raining” follows several singles released this year, including “Loves Me Like a Small Town,” “Dirt Roads for Days,” and “Best Damn Beer.”

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