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Roman Alexander takes his “Downtime” to the next level with a revamped duet version featuring Karley Scott Collins. Much like the original version, the collaboration finds the duo seeking refuge from the outside world to focus on each other. It’s a soft smolder that’ll have the listener swooning where they stand.

“Whatcha say we lay low? / We can let today go out like a match,” they sing in the electric chorus, their chemistry undeniable. “I know that we got all damn night / But I’m wishing I could slow down time…”

“Downtime,” the centerpiece to his most recent album, was penned by Restless Road’s Zach Beeken, Garrett Nichols, and Colton Pack with Mark Holman and Brett Tyler. “When I listened to the original version of the song, I loved it because it had a really soulful feel and sound, which is something I really gravitate towards,” Collins says in a press statement. “I was really excited to see how we would sound together and to put my own fingerprint on the song — I really felt like I could add something to it since that soulful kind of melody comes naturally to me.”

Listen to “Downtime” below.

In collaborating, Collins’ contributions came pretty naturally, with no notes on Alexander’s part. “I honestly didn’t have any critique, thoughts or suggestions,” Alexander says. “I just let her put on the headphones, sing into the mic and just do what she does best. Not only does this give ‘Downtime’ another life, but it allows my fans to get to know her and her fans to get to know me.”

Named one of Spotify’s Hot Country Artists to Watch 2021, Alexander is one of the longest-running independent artists on Spotify’s Hot Country playlist and has amassed nearly 500,000 fans. Meanwhile, Collins has carved out her own fanbase, nearing 145,000. Not too shabby for a rising star.

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