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Lane Smith releases reflective new country single, “Austin.” Recorded at The Castle Recording Studios and produced by Brandon Hood, this release is a clear standout for the rising country star. You can listen to the single below. “Austin” is a heartfelt journey through love and nostalgia. With a soulful voice that carries the weight of his emotions, Lane takes us on a musical trip back to the heart of Texas.

The song’s narrative is both familiar and evocative, as Lane croons about the yearning to return to Austin, Texas, in hopes of rekindling a lost love. His lyrics paint vivid pictures of memories that refuse to fade.

Lane has promoted the song with digital advertising in Music City at the 5th and Broadway complexes, which you can find at the location now.

Musically, “Austin” is a blend of traditional country elements with a modern twist. Smith longs for what he once had, singing, “Take me back to Austin / let me soak it in / first time that I saw ya, hangin’ with your friends / bought you Red Bull vodka, you said you wouldn’t finish / so we went back to your place / and talked until the morning / take me back to Austin.” 

The twang of acoustic guitars and the steady rhythm of the drums create a backdrop that feels both timeless and fresh. Lane’s vocals are the centerpiece, carrying the emotional weight of the song with authenticity and conviction. What sets “Austin” apart is Lane Smith’s ability to convey the bittersweet essence of lost love. His sincerity shines through, making it clear that this isn’t just another country song about heartache; it’s a personal reflection on what could have been. 

As a rising star in the country music scene, Lane Smith’s “Austin” is a promising glimpse into his storytelling prowess and emotional depth. This single leaves you not only tapping your feet but also pondering the roads not taken in your own life.

Lane Smith is paving a promising path for himself, already crossing off a few of his bucket-list venues, including the legendary Gruene Hall, along with supporting slots with artists like Kyle Park, Matt Stell, Colt Ford and Chase Matthews, to name just a few.
Keep up with Lane Smith here.

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