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“I think we’ve got a problem,” sings Justin Champagne over broiling guitars. The line lies at the heart of his new song “Houston,” a reference to the popular phrase from Apollo 13. “I can’t help this / These feelings I can’t solve them,” he continues. “I’m in my head / I’m drowning in a bottle.”

The song, a solo write, finds Champagne wading into the murky depths of emotions that seem to be swallowing him whole. He explains, “[It] expresses how often our thoughts cause us to feel as though we’re in an emotional free-fall,” he says. “Not being able to heal from past experiences and emotions, then making an attempt to jump into new situations only makes things worse. Sometimes we find ourselves drowning in the bottle”

Percussion throbs in monstrous tones, signifying the rising of the tides. The production swirls around his vocals, playing with the raw, feverish highs and lows as though weathering a storm. Based on specific real-life situations, “Houston” is laced with such emotional stitches to make it one of Champagne’s best releases. “Personal experience allows me to express a reality that is extremely relatable to my audience,” he says. “This record allowed me to express some feelings that were bottled up; it was therapeutic. It helped me get through, and I know it will help a ton of people who experience a similar situation or feeling.”

Listen to “Houston” below.

Justin Champagne is known as one of today’s surprising genre-melters. His music is a little rock ‘ roll and a whole lotta country. From “When I Pull Up” to “BackRoads,” he knows a thing or two about small-town life, owing to his upbringing in New Iberia, Louisiana. Even more, his knack for rock-soaked country is infectious. It’s no wonder he’s a streaming juggernaut, with millions upon millions of streams across the board. He’s definitely not going to be slowing down anytime soon.

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