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Wyatt Flores Wrangles Relationship Troubles On ‘West of Tulsa’ (Review)

Wyatt Flores just wants to be somebody to somebody. That’s the emotional driver behind his brand new song “West of Tulsa,” in which he believes his girl is seeing someone else. “Something about waking up in a cheap motel makes you want to be somebody to somebody else,” he crows in the chorus line.

His words grow more ferocious as the song unravels. In the second verse, he lets his true feelings fly from his tongue. “And I can’t help but wonder, am I doing this right / Did we something real in those neon lights,” he sings. “Or am I just a loner who hates sleeping alone /Or maybe she’s just here ’cause I sang some f***ing song.”

“West of Tulsa” (co-written with Billy Montana and Chris Gelbuda) finds Flores flexing not only his rich songwriting but a sterling vocal. His voice is reedy and undeniable, particularly as he shimmies over the chorus to deliver each emotional sucker punch. Through performing the song, there’s an air of catharsis happening, as though all the pent-up hurt and sadness drain from his body. “Now, I’m somewhere East of Tulsa, got another place to play / Lord knows I’ve got problems / Won’t face them today,” he admits in the last line.

Listen to “West of Tulsa” below.

From Stillwater, Oklahoma, Flores made the big move to Nashville back in 2022. So far, in his career, he’s amassed 120 million streams and thousands of fans – all by way of a grassroots movement. He’s expected to head to Stagecoach next year, set to perform the same night as Eric Church, Jelly Roll, and Elle King. To say he’s staked his claim is an understatement; he’s proven he’s already a star.

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