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Bryson Cooper & Trissity Jane Take A ‘Gamble’ In A Relationship (Review)

If bonds of trust are broken in a relationship, it’s game over. That’s what Bryson Cooper and Trissity Jane reflect upon in their brand-new heart-torn duet. “Gamble” (co-written with Shane Lunsford) depicts a relationship’s slow spiraling out due to infidelity. “I thought you loved me,” mourns Jane. Her words tumble like glass marbles scattering on a hardwood floor. They really pack a punch.

Together, the duo play both the cheater and the cheated, swapping out perspectives with each lyric. “It’s all in my head / We’re fighting again / Took a bet, and I lost,” sings Cooper. “Was down on my luck, so I hit her up / Was it even worth the cost / Of the price I paid when you left that day…”

As his first duet he’s ever released, Cooper calls the collaboration a “special” one. “We wanted this song to be a sort of ‘bad boy’ themed duet, and that’s exactly what came out,” he says in a press statement. “It truly touches on how when one person cheats or messes up in a relationship, it makes the other question everything you have built together. At the end of the day, you guys still love each other, but broken trust and heartache will never go away.”

With swirling guitars and pummeling percussion, “Gamble” serves as one of the year’s most surprising treats. It’s a full-throttle emotional firework that also gets you fist-pumping the air. It’s that addicting. “I took a gamble on you, the night I didn’t think it through,” the duo sings, trading off lyrics.

Listen to “Gamble” below.

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