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Kindred. Writes Achy, Hearttorn Ballad, ‘What An Old Song Can Do’ (Review)

During a live performance, a disgruntled audience member made it clear they weren’t so keen on the duo performing a love song. Kindred. — comprised of Dustin Chapman and Ryleigh Madison — decided not to let the experience sour their relationship with music. Instead, they wrote a response in the form of “What an Old Song Can Do.”

“We realized that a universal feeling is trying to move on from a past relationship before you’re truly ready. Seeing how upset one song made someone made us realize how powerful older songs with such history can be in drawing out emotions that people try to hide,” the duo says in a press statement. “Writing this song from what we perceived his perspective to be, we wanted the song to showcase the emotional frustration, desperation, and sadness that one song triggered in him and highlight how powerful music can be in triggering memories in people.”

“Cover band playin’ our song, man, why they gotta do me like that?” sings Chapman over delicate drums. “I’m throwin’ out lots of jokes, fishin’ for some pity laughs / Random words to hide the pain, drown out your line, avoid memory lane.” Chapman’s voice is as unwavering as a tall ole oak tree, but the emotion crackles in the back of his throat. For her part, Madison tosses on caramel-sweet harmony, just enough to give the song a timeless feel. It’s a performance of which the duo should be proud; it’ll leave a mark on your heart, that’s for sure.

Listen to “What an Old Song Can Do” below.

Hailing from Whiteville, North Carolina, the duo have already staked their claim on the local scene, having earned such honors as Duo of the Year at the 2023 Carolina Country Music Awards. Both have appeared on American Idol, but their talent leaps beyond the confines of a singing show. Additionally, their 2022 single “Family Thing” spent an impressive four weeks in the top slot on CDX Positive Country and Southern Gospel national radio charts. To say their star is on the rise is an understatement. They’ll be household names before you know it.

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