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Discovery: HALIE

We’re excited to introduce our readers to their next artist discovery through our weekly in-depth feature. Today, we’re introducing everyone to HALIE.

Emerging country musician HALIE crafts sonic worlds that are honest to herself yet resonate with anyone who tunes in. Born in a small town in Missouri and discovering her natural vocal prowess at age 10, HALIE who set off to discover her artistry right after high school found her place in Nashville’s scene. 

Steadily working towards songwriting credits, the rising star proved her lyrical abilities on NBC’s Songland, which she went on to win. She also appeared in America’s Song Contest representing her home state of Missouri.

With all these opportunities and her dedication to consistent evolution, HALIE’s musical journey continues to be on an upward trajectory as the rising star drops her latest single “Southern Boys.”  

In conversation she delves into the inspiration behind her single, her learning experiences from NBC’s America Song Contest, her career highlight, who her dream collaboration would be, and more. 

What’s the message behind your single “Southern Boys”?

The message behind my song Southern Boys is as simple as the title – appreciation for men from the south. Whether it be the south of the USA, or a state of mind. I’ve been around a lot of men and my favorite always tends to be like where I’m from, the south. 

From your time on NBC’s American Song Contest to now, how would you say your artistry has developed?

From being on American Song Contest in 2022 to now, my artistry has changed drastically. I used to have a pop-country sound, but most of this new stuff I’ve been working on is just country. I’d also say I’ve really brought myself back to my roots and how I was raised. I used to always try to fit in with people around me, including my producer at the time, and he was only doing pop, therefore most of my music wasn’t sounding how I wanted to. But I’m so happy now that I have a team of people around me who have made me appreciate how I was raised (in the South) and now the music sounds exactly like me and how I was raised!

How would you say your experience in American Song Contest shaped your music? 

American Song Contest taught me real quick that I didn’t like more “pop country” music, and I also didn’t want to be portrayed that way anymore. Now that’s not to say I’ve completely stopped writing stuff like that, because I do occasionally, I’m a songwriter after all, but it’s not my main priority for my artistry. 

Who or what inspires your music-making process? Take us through your process. 

I don’t look up to many people when it comes to writing music. I typically just make what I like. But in all honesty, it just depends on the song and what I’m writing that day. My brother, Michael Tyler, definitely inspires me a lot. He’s a number-one songwriter, so I do have a lot to look up to! 

What’s the best or most memorable message or response from fans you’ve received so far?

I get a lot of different messages from fans, but I’d say some of the most inspiring messages I’ve received are the encouraging ones, where people say they will be a fan of me forever. I really appreciate it when they tell me they share my music with their friends and family too. I have a lot of people who have followed me since the beginning of my career, some even started fan pages for me. I appreciate all of them so much. I would be nothing without them. 

If you had to describe your music in three words, what would they be and why? 

I would describe my music as truthful, fun, and relatable! 

If you could collaborate with one artist in the world who would that be and why? 

If I could collaborate with any artist it would probably be Justin Bieber. I know that sounds goofy, considering I’m a country artist and he’s a pop artist. But I’ve been a fan of Justin since I was 10 years old, and I’ve seen him deal with so much. He’s truly inspiring and very talented! Maybe one day I’ll be on the level for that duet.. dream big, right? 

What’s your biggest career highlight and what’s your dream looking forward in your musical journey? 

My biggest career highlight is when I won NBC’s TV show Songland. Martina McBride cut my song, and I was only 20 years old. I’m looking forward to getting an even bigger cut one day, or even a song of my own blowing up and changing my career. It all can happen with hard work, perseverance, and networking. I’ll keep pushing that goal until I get it! 

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