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Multi-Platinum Artist Dustin Lynch Announces New Album “Killed The Cowboy”

Announced last week, Dustin Lynch prepares for the release of his statement-making sixth studio album “Killed The Cowboy.” The album is set to be released everywhere on September 29th.

When I’m off the road and working on my farm, I have a lot of inner dialogue. It’s a boxing match inside of me, between living in the moment and enjoying where I am, versus what’s the best version of me five, 10, or 20 years down the road,” Lynch explains in a press release.. “What do I want to be? What do I want life to look like? Who do I want to be around? Killed The Cowboy is that back-and-forth. It’s me asking myself, ‘Am I okay? Or am I weird for not having found my person yet? And is she even out there?’ My hope is that this album finds someone who needs to hear it. I want Killed The Cowboy to embrace the single people of the world and lift them up, to let them know that you don’t have to live a ‘normal’ life to still be happy in your own skin.”

Dustin Lynch’s Killed The Cowboy Track List:

  1. Killed The Cowboy” (Jordan Reynolds, Devin Dawson, Anderson East)*
  2. Honky Tonk Heartbreaker” (Dustin Lynch, Hunter Phelps, Zach Crowell, Ben Johnson)+
  3. George Strait Jr.” (Dustin Lynch, Hunter Phelps, Jordan Reynolds, Andy Albert)*
  4. Chevrolet (feat. Jelly Roll)” (Chase McGill, Jessi Alexander, Hunter Phelps, Mentor Williams)^
  5. If I Stop Drinkin’” (John Morgan, Dallas Davidson, Kyle Fishman, Jordan Minton)*
  6. Only Girl In This Town” (Devin Dawson, Josh Thompson, Kyle Fishman)#
  7. Breakin’ Up Down” (Hunter Phelps, Zach Crowell, Blake Pendergrass, Brent Anderson)*
  8. Trouble With This Truck” (Dustin Lynch, Hunter Phelps, Ashley Gorley, Zach Crowell)*
  9. Blue Lights” (Jameson Rodgers, Jake Mitchell, Brent Anderson, Hunter Phelps)*
  10. Lone Star” (Devin Dawson, Jordan Reynolds, Alysa Vanderheym)*
  11. Listen To The Radio” (Dustin Lynch, Hunter Phelps, Randy Montana, Ben Johnson)*
  12. Long Way Home” (Dustin Lynch, Kyle Fishman, Andy Albert)*

* Produced by Zach Crowell

Co-Produced by Zach Crowell and Ben Johnson

Co-Produced by Zach Crowell and Ben Phillips

Co-Produced by Zach Crowell and Kyle Fishman

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