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Discovery: Cody Cozz

We’re excited to introduce our readers to their next artist discovery through our weekly in-depth feature. Today, we’re introducing everyone to Cody Cozz.

Nashville-based musician Cody Cozz has established himself as a rising star in the country music scene right from his first single “On My Way,” in 2022.

Racking up nominations and wins in regional awards that have catapulted musicians to national fam, Cazz’s artistry toes the line between timeless and refreshing with ease. 

Originally from Pueblo, Colorado, Cody is signed to Grindstone Records under Craig Campbell. He also boosted his skill as a songwriter, co-writing Sounds Like a Small Town” which was featured on Craig Cambell’s latest album The Lost Files: Exhibit A.

Now, with his upcoming offering “I Could Get Used To This” he once again comes together with Campbell – who produced the track – writing the transportive number himself alongside Jason Matthews and Ben Hayslip. 

Led by an abundant groove and a laid-back vibe, the track comes to life as the perfect soundtrack for a chill yet vibrant drive that leaves us feeling lighter and energized all at once. 

You can pre-save “I Could Get Used To This” here before it’s released everywhere this Friday.

Ahead of his new release, we caught up with Cody Cozz to chat about sonic evolution, his songwriting process, experimenting with his craft, and bucket list goals for his musical journey, among much more. 

Countrypolitan Magazine | Countrypolitan Magazine

What is the inspiration/message behind your single “I Could Get Used To This”?

For me, it’s just to let go and have some fun. As the last days of summer are coming to a close we wanted to give everyone a feel-good old-school country song that you can just groove to. 

How would you describe your current sound and how would you say your sound evolved? 

I’d say my sound currently is a modern traditional country sound. Falling a little more into the lane of some Texas sound. I have always been inspired by 90s country and early 2000s country and so that’s what I try to push in my music. But I’m also really excited to work on some new projects this fall that my fans have been wanting me to showcase my voice a little more.

Who would you say are your inspirations or influences both professionally and on a personal level?

It’s hard to go wrong with Brooks and Dunn, Travis Tritt, Cody Johnson, and Luke Combs for me. And I have a massive love for Mike Ryan and Kameron Marlowe. I could listen to their stuff all day and that’s the type of music I’m looking to make.

What’s your songwriting process like? Do you tend to draw from personal experiences or from stories around you? 

It’s easier for me to write about my personal experiences but I’ve gotten better at living in Nashville and co-writing about things others have gone through or just other ideas that I haven’t experienced yet. 

What’s the most rewarding part of the music-making process and what’s the most challenging part for you personally? 

The most rewarding thing in my opinion is just getting the songs out. It’s a stressful process kind of and a lot goes into making sure the release does well, but when it’s out it’s out and it’ll either do great or not and you just have to let it be.

If you had the chance to experiment with your artistry in the future, is there a particular sound or theme you’d love to try?

I’d like to express my voice and all it is capable of. Drawing maybe from southern rock roots a little bit and showcasing my love for the classic rock sounds of the 70s-80s.

What would you say has been the most surreal moment in your career so far? What’s on your bucket list? 

I think it’s something that hasn’t happened yet but is about to and that’s opening for Travis Tritt. I’m not sure what to expect but I think I’ll be pretty buzzing the whole day! 

What’s one question no one has asked you so far in an interview that you wish were asked? 

How life is different after you have some success in the music business is probably the question. There’s a lot in a question like that that a lot of artists who are trying to make it or pursuing it or who are currently in it would benefit from talking about and also knowing.

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