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Carter Faith Ends Summer With ‘Carolina Burns’ (Review)

Her first real relationship still hurts. It’s a sting that may never fully dissipate. On her new song “Carolina Burns,” Carter Faith gazes in her rearview, remembering each detail and sharp blade of heartache. “You ain’t even mine, but there’s something ‘bout the first that keeps me up at night,” she sings.

Her words cut deep like thorns, drawing blood and leaving scars. “We won’t cross paths, I won’t see you out / ‘Cause it’s a long way from Tennessee to wherever you are now,” she sings, her voice as flighty as ever. “I still wear a grudge like a f***ed up crown / But I still wish you well somewhere deep down.”

Her performance is downright haunting. She glides over the melody, almost ghost-like, as she replays her memories over and over again. It might have long passed, but the heartache still pulses down to her bones. “From time to time, Carolina still burns in the back of my mind,” rings the central chorus line.

Listen to “Carolina Burns” below.

“Carolina Burns” follows “Cowboy Forever,” released earlier this summer.

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