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Paige Bell Releases Bubbly Debut Single, ‘Nashville Bar’ (Review)

A ton of pressure comes with releasing a debut single. One hopes it’ll leave an indelible imprint and jumpstart a lengthy career. With her debut offering, “Nashville Bar,” Paige Bell does just that. Pounding drums and blustery guitars crash and thunder around her, as her voice slides across the melody. “I left a piece of my heart in that Nashville bar,” she sings.

Inspired by a night out on the town, Bell wrote the song (produced by Chris Love) as a way to express the evening’s magic. “Someone please pinch me now!” she crows. Later, she leaves the listener with this wistful passage, singing, “It was the best night / I was doing just fine til I said goodbye to him / And I had the time of my life / Wonder if I’ll see him again…”

“Nashville Bar” feels cut from a Lauren Alaina-style cloth (think: “A Walk in the Bar”). It’s bubbly and tickles the nose. It’s the sort of splashy debut that’ll at the very least put Bell smack dab in the middle of the map. It’s only a matter of time.

Listen to “Nashville Bar” below.

“This whole process has been such an amazing experience,” Bell shared on Instagram about the song. Later, she added on Facebook, saying, “Chris Love, thank you for producing an amazing track and for every question I’ve asked along the way. I’m really excited to see where this release takes me, and know it’s all in God’s hands from here”

“Nashville Bar” is just the beginning of a promising country career.

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