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Peyton Aldridge Confesses Undying Love In ‘One More Night With You’ (Exclusive Premiere)

The Voice contestant Peyton Aldridge expresses his undying love for his wife with a brand new song. 

“One More Night with You,” premiering exclusively on Countrypolitan, rings soft and tender with its gently swaying production and hear-spun lyrics. “I remember the first time we went out dancin’,” he recalls. “I stepped on your toes, we started laughin’ / Oh, we were two kids fallin’ in love / But sometimes forever is never enough.”

There’s a tear in the song’s seams, as though this day could be his last on this good earth. There’s an emotional urgency to Aldridge’s performance that evokes such greats as Kenny Rogers. “When we went to write this one, I was really trying to express how much I love my wife,” the singer-songwriter shares, “that I would give up anything for her and how much she meant to me. I think we hit the hammer on the nail on this one.”

Co-written with George Cole, Sherrie Austin, and Will Rambeaux, “One More Night with You” finds Aldridge pouring on a tangy sweet performance. From his bellowing chest voice to his falsetto, he showcases vocal tricks that’ll make you swoon. “I’d cash in all my yesterdays, all my tomorrows / Throw in all the hours,” he confesses in the chorus. “I could beg, steal, or borrow / What I wouldn’t give / What I wouldn’t do / Yeah, I’d trade in all my days for one more night with you.”

Listen to “One More Night with You” below.

Last fall, Aldridge made an appearance on the popular singing show, turning three chairs and eventually landing on John Legend’s team. It was “by far one of the best times of my life,” he says. “I tell everybody just how blessed I am for getting an opportunity to go out there in the first place. My fondest memory from that experience was spending time with people like Morgan Myles, Bryce Leatherwood, Orlando Mendez, Steven McMorran, Ian Harrison, and Jonathan Garett. Truly the definition of friends. It’s been over a year, and we still all talk just about every day.”

“One More Night with You” samples a forthcoming EP, slated for a 2024 release. Several more singles will be issued in support of the project. His latest follows “Oh Yeah,” “Summertime on Rewind,” “It’s All for You,” and “Another Country Song,” all released earlier this year.

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