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Reneé Rapp Fully Delivers With Debut LP ‘Snow Angel’ (Exclusive)

Reneé Rapp sweeps the music scene and social media with her debut LP Snow Angel, featuring tracks that make you want to cry, scream, dance, slay, and cry all over again. Rapp’s album inspires you to indulge in the messiness, delusion, and chaos that life brings – embracing your dreams and fears all at once.

Countrypolitan Magazine attended a press conference on behalf of 1824 and Universal Music Group, and though Reneé grew up in the theater and fell into a successful acting career she jokes, “Music was always mommy,” Reneé shares laughing, surely knowing her fans and friends in the room know all too well this is her part of her charm and wit. However, it goes to show that Renee has always had a deep passion for her musical craft, and this has been manifested within her since the beginning.

You can listen to Reneé’s debut album Snow Angel here.

Some of our standout picks from the album include:

“Talk Too Much” – Rapp opens her inaugural album with a track that reveals a deep state of unrest. One can almost envision lyrics spewed through a self-deprecating grimace as she makes it through the first verse. A gritty guitar enters, unleashing an onslaught of gratifyingly extreme feelings that brings out a familiar fear of intimacy. Many of us don’t want to deal with the ugliness, but Rapp almost encourages us to endure with this rousing ballad, launching us into a feast that is Snow Angel.

“Gemini Moon” – True to the nature of Gemini, Rapp marries the dreamy with the desperate as she regales us with this self-reflective track. She induces the listener with an all-too-familiar ease of sliding into a false euphoric state, weaving plucky strings with sincere vocals. Despite the stagnancy of her situation, Rapp builds the track with a multi-layered involvement that releases at the end with the acknowledgment that she is in fact to blame.   

“Poison Poison”- Rapp beckons us into the alluring arms of this tune with a classic bossa nova rhythmic line, but we quickly come to realize there is nothing attractive about the emotions she is about to express. True to the multi-layered nature of other tracks in the album, ‘Poison Poison’ delivers a venomous barrage of honesty while easing us through with sampled sounds of a toxic emotional landscape.

Follow Reneé at her website or on social media.

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