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Erin Duvall Heads Out On A ‘Girls Weekend’ (Review)

There’s nothing like friendships between women. Despite an industry that pits women against each other, it’s important to reconnect and realize that women are stronger together.

With her new song “Girls Weekend,” pop-country singer-songwriter Erin Duvall celebrates friendship and those getaway weekends that rejuvenate the body and mind. “Here’s to you, and here’s to me / Best friends we’ll always be / Cheers!” she sings through glossy production.

Duvall’s voice shines, fusing together her inner self-worth and the strength she gains from her friendships. “Let all our worries slip away / Ride or dies are here to stay / Girls weekend is good for the soul,” she sings. Even though summer is literally slipping away, Duvall’s entry makes a good contender for song of the summer.

“The power of girl friendships is one of the strongest forces in the world. It is a source of energy and love, and there is nothing we can’t do together. Some people call their girlfriends their tribe; some people call them their ride or die; I simply call them my family,” Duvall shares in a press statement. “I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful group of women in my life who, no matter what, are there for me through thick and thin and vice versa. This song is a testament to our friendship, all of the amazing times we have had with one another.”

Listen to “Girls Weekend” below.

While a girls’ weekend means something different for everyone, what it “represents will be felt by everyone,” continues Duvall. “They give you the ability to put life on hold for a minute and reconnect with your closest friends and with yourself. Whether it is a spa weekend, a staycation, a rowdy trip to Vegas, a beach or lake trip, or a few days on the slopes, girls’ weekends provide the feeling of being free and being seen.”

“Girls Weekend” follows “To Be Here” and “Too Little Too Late,” both released earlier this year.

Duvall, raised on gospel, blues, and country, released her debut album, Out of Focus, back in 2011. When she had four children, her career took a backseat, but she never stopped working. She created Aunty E, a character to teach children about music, and founded Sisters of Red with her sister Molly Thomas. 

“I have grown up with two very strong examples of family first, hard work, and giving back,” she says. “So now, as a single mother of four, I feel very strongly to leave a legacy behind for my children that makes them proud.”

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