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Tyler Booth Celebrates Small Town Life With ‘G.O.B. By The G.O.G.’ (Review)

Tyler Booth is not ashamed of where he’s from. Originally from Campton, Kentucky, the singer-songwriter celebrates small-town living with his brand-new song. “G.O.B. by the G.O.G.” – otherwise known as “Good Ole Boy by the Grace of God” – echoes the sentiments found in many downhome, hand-grown country tunes. “I’m a redneck, blue-collar, white T-shirt till I’m six feet deep in the dirt,” he sings.

“A good ole boy is all I’m ever gonna be,” he continues. Written with Russell Sutton and Wesley Davis, the mid-tempo ode calls out city life and the sparkling lights of Hollywood. “You build your house up on a hill / Ride around in a Coup de Ville / But all that bling and those shiny things sure ain’t keeping it real.” The simple life is where it’s at, he promises.

With the song, he hopes to shine a spotlight on aspects of American life that, quite frankly, are often looked down upon. “One of the cool things about country music is it sheds light on things that people not necessarily look past but don’t acknowledge,” he says in a press statement. “It could be the simplest things like loving somebody or getting your heart broke, but [this song] sheds light on a way of life. I wanted to write a song that was the anthem of the way me and everybody that I grew up around in Kentucky live and how we see things.”

Listen to “G.O.B. by the G.O.G.” below.

“G.O.B. by the G.O.G.” is the latest in a string of singles. Earlier this year, he released “Real Real Country, “Bring on the Neon,” and “Different Kind of Blue.” He’s signed to Sony Nashville.

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