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The Frontmen Deliver Nostalgic Self-Titled EP (Review)

The Frontmen take a stroll down memory lane with their just-released self-titled EP. Helmed by Larry Stewart (of Restless Heart), Richie McDonald (Lonestar), and Tim Rushlow (Little Texas), the project finds the super-trio hitching onto a few of their most iconic hits, from the faint neon glow of Lonestar’s “Amazed” to Little Texas’ line-dancing-ready “God Bless Texas.”

Appropriately, “Amazed” and “God Bless Texas” are labeled with “The Frontmen Edition” to indicate that these versions are fresh-pressed (hello, Taylor Swift impact!). McDonald still sounds as emotive and vocally potent as he did 20 years ago, with the melody soaring in all the right sweet spots. Similarly, Rushlow growls his way through the dusty boot-scooter just as he did all those years ago.

The Frontmen also features two brand-new songs. “It Was Always You” (written by Rushlow and Danny Orton) finds the group yearning for a former flame. “It was years ago, but it was yesterday,” sings Stewart. “You were my true North / I was your getaway / The way I felt back then is the way I feel today.”

“Left Their Mark” then rises and falls with the matter of death, a stunning piece of music that’s guaranteed to get the waterworks rolling in. “I was sitting at a red light the other day / When a motorcycle cop pulled up and stopped right in my way,” sings McDonald. “A black hearse came rolling by / There must have been a thousand cars in that line…”

He goes on to consider what that person’s life must have been like. “I can tell by the tears in their eyes what they must have meant to all their lives,” he sings. Leaving a mark on the world is a question we all ponder, sooner or later, and now The Frontmen have dished it perfectly up in song form. It’s a stunner, to say the least.

The Frontmen’s new EP will certainly please long-time fans. It’s wonderfully nostalgic, tapping into the expectations the three respective bands are known for, and allows them to continue to show off their vocal power. It’s a suitable bookend for the summer.

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