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Old Dominion, Megan Moroney Fight To Save Love With ‘Can’t Break Up Now’ (Review)

In the digital age, it’s easy to lose yourself and miss the small moments in life. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, it takes a toll on the mind. With “Can’t Break Up Now,” Old Dominion enlists Megan Moroney for a stunningly luminescent performance about the moment you feel your world crashing down around you.

“If the ship’s going down, I’m going down with it,” sings Matthew Ramsey and Moroney. Guitars turn and twist in the wind, their voices floating away from one another. Ramsey co-wrote the song with Emily Weisband, Tofer Brown, and Trevor Rosen. It’s the emotional underpinning that really sells the song as one of the year’s best ballads.

“Love is hard. People are stubborn. In a world that is increasingly dominated by social media our attention spans are growing ever shorter. In the glow of our phones, it can be easy to miss the millions of little moments and memories that stack up to build a real love,” shares Ramsey in a press statement. “That is, until you’re on the brink of losing it. That’s the picture we are painting with [this song]. When all those precious, irreplaceable things crash down around you, they suddenly become impossible to ignore. Can you save it? Can you catch it before it shatters?”

Listen to “Can’t Break Up Now” below.

Ramsey adds, “Having Megan, who is such an intuitive songwriter and singer, on this track, she gets that, too. Her performance really reinforces waking up, realizing what you’ve got — and know it’s worth fighting for.”

“Can’t Break Up Now” follows Old Dominion’s eighth-track Memory Lane EP, issued earlier this summer.

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