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Chris Lane Releases Another Relatable New Single, “Find Another Bar” (Review)

“Find Another Bar” by Chris Lane, produced by Derek Wells, delivers a captivating new track that strikes a chord with the essence of classic country storytelling infused with a modern sonic flair. Another instant hit from Lane, the single meets the excellence meter of his other massive viral tracks (including the #1 and platinum single, “Big, Big Plans”).

“Find Another Bar” portrays the narrative of moving on from a broken relationship, as painful as it is – skillfully provided to the listener through Lane’s emotive delivery.

You can listen to “Find Another Bar” here:

Lane and his co-writers depict the sinking gut feeling we’ve all felt before when someone we definitely don’t want to see walks in the bar – “And that’s a new kinda drink that you’re sippin’ on / And that’s a new kinda buzz that you’re gettin’ on / And that’s a new song there that you’re singin’ along to / So baby why can’t you / Find another bar, place to raise ‘em up / It can’t be that hard, I know you saw my truck / Why can’t you find another floor, different neon lights,” The catchy melody, accompanied by a blend of masterful instrumentation, creates a vulnerable atmosphere that draws listeners in.

With its heart-wrenching lyrics and Lane’s authentic performance, “Find Another Bar” is a solid addition to Chris Lane’s discography, capturing the essence of heartache and moving forward.

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