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Raye Zaragoza Seeks A Soft Landing With ‘Heavy Hearts Club’ (Review)

Into the dense wilds of the world, Raye Zaragoza unpacks her heart with a gorgeously-written new album. Hold That Spirit clutches onto the fabric of your being and won’t let go, especially in songs like “Heavy Hearts Club.” A mental tour de force, the ballad hangs precariously in the air as the singer-songwriter considers the depression and anxiety crushing in from all angles.

“Where can a heavy heart find a soft landing,” she sings. “Somewhere to fall apart right where you’re standing / A shelter from the wind when the anxiety kicks in / Oh, am I the only one in the heavy hearts club?”

Acoustic guitar pins the arrangement, an altogether celestial-bodied composition that serves as a gentle spot amidst so much inner turmoil. It’s a cleansing experience, really. Written with Ava Suppelsa and Robyn Dell’Unto, “Heavy Hearts Club” delicately depicts the psychological and emotional disturbances from which millions suffer. Even when the production falls away, the lyrics still hammer into the eardrums. For her part, Zaragoza’s voice is full of resignation, as though there’s no possible way out.

Listen to “Heavy Hearts Club” below.

Zaragoza was supposed to get married. When she called off the wedding, she had $15,000 for which to use to master and promote the record. It was only a small amount for what she ultimately needed, but it allowed her to step into her own generated light. Hold That Spirit is a declaration about self, as much a salve for the listener as herself.

“It is eerie to think that I was creating the female empowerment record that I needed to hear myself,” she says. “This record is a collection of songs about reclaiming your autonomy as a woman, discovering unconditional joy, healing your relationship to your body, and holding onto the spirit within during difficult times.”

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