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Eli Winders Leaves His Hometown Behind With ‘Pack My Hometown’ (Review)

Eli Winders impresses with his major label debut single. “Pack My Hometown” doesn’t go for jangly anthem or beer-swiggin’ good time. Instead, Winders pulls in a performance that’s soft, yet still commanding. You only have one shot to leave an impression, and he leaves an indelible mark on the mind. He’s destined for greatness.

“Folded up my favorite jeans, of course I grabbed my boots / Can’t forget my guitar and the dream I’m holding to,”  he sings over a muted acoustic guitar. “Suitcase in the back, the open road ahead / If I can cross that county line, who knows how far I’ll get.”

He comes closer to achieving his dreams as he crosses that county line, leaving his entire life in the rearview mirror. But he forges ahead anyway. His heart demands it. “Pack My Hometown” is a stark reminder that where you come from will always be an essential part of who you are. “I always dreamed of bigger things outside of this small town,” he sings. “I never thought the day I’d leave would ever roll around.”

Listen to “Pack My Hometown” below.

“It amazes me that a song so specific to my life resonates with other people,” he says in a press statement. [This song] is about leaving the place I have lived my entire life and all the memories I have there. It’s about chasing a dream, saying goodbye to everything I know and all the people who have supported me so far, and about the people I love who made it so hard for me to leave.”

Originally from North Carolina, Winders’ musical journey didn’t properly begin until he received his first cell phone when he was 16 years old. Almost immediately, he dove into the work of classic country stars and found himself wanting to pen his own timeless work. “Pack My Hometown” has all the hallmarks of a great song: heartfelt lyrics, rich acoustic foundation, and an emotive, moving vocal performance. There’s no telling what else he has in store, and we just can’t wait to hear what he does next.

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