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Kelsea Ballerini is ‘Rolling Up The Welcome Mat (For Good)’ (Review)

Proving once again that she is one of this generation of country’s most vulnerable, relatable, and stunningly talented, Kelsea Ballerini pulls out all the stops to serve her fans exactly what they wanted from new “healed” version of ‘Rolling Up the Welcome Mat, and this time, its (For Good).

You can listen to the new EP ‘Rolling Up the Welcome Mat (For Good)’ here.

The EP starts with “Mountain With a View” and “Just Married,” just as the original. The two are perfect opening tracks to depict the love lost, the deep wounds, and beginning of Ballerini’s journey in moving on and letting go. 

Kelsea gives her fans what they have been pining for – the live version of one of the best songs to “have a good scream cry in your car to,” “Penthouse.” But this time, it’s the version where Kelsea picks her shattered heart up off of the floor, throws caution to the wind, and embraces healing and moving on in her journey – with someone new. “I kissed someone new last night / But now I don’t know where you’re sleeping, baby / We got along real nice, until I wanted out, now I know you hate me /One day, the curtain started coming down / We changed the second we were moving out /I guess wrong can look alright /When you’re playing home in a penthouse, baby / We were playing home in a penthouse, baby / just bought the house that we saw / You said it was wrong, I wanted it all along,” a direct reference to her divorce, the trauma and trials that came with it, and her new life without the man she thought she knew.

We are also graced with an updated version of “Interlude,” which has become a full-fledged track. With lyrics that are a “what feels necessary” extension of the original interlude that had us all wanting more. “I wanna set it straight, but my lawyer says I shouldn’t / And ain’t it like this town to only criticize a woman,” is something women in country music know all too much about, including Kelsea herself.

“Blindsided (Yeah, Sure, Okay)” is another addition that adds even more shine and classic Ballerini sass to the original EP. After all that Kelsea has revealed about this project, one of our favorite parts to sassily sing along with Ballerini is now out in the world to appreciate. During shows, Ballerini sang, “Now you’re singing it loud on the radio / You couldn’t say it to my face / You would have searched the whole world over? / Yeah, sure, okay,” in reference to ex Morgan Evans’ lyrics, “I would have searched the whole world over for you / Took a flight, through the night / To be that shoulder for you,” showing us how Ballerini is more than willing to share her side of the story in order to move on, grow, and continue to show up for herself and her true happiness.

Kelsea has also delivered a new track on the EP, “How Do I Do This,” slapping listeners who have been through a breakup and gotten back into dating scene in the face with lyrics, “I’m scared of looking stupid / Said I, I’m ready, now I gotta prove it/Got a little black dress, I wanna use it / And maybe lose it / On a floor that ain’t mine / I think it’s probably time to keep it moving / I talk a big game that I’m scared of losing / Everything I knew about love is ruined / It’s so confusing / So, how do, how do I do this?” “How Do I Do This” is the perfect choice for the closing track of ‘(For Good),’ and displays that Kelsea is just as lost and confused as the rest of us when it comes to starting over, an admirable and down to earth quality that Ballerini’s personality and music radiate. Falling in love looks good on Ballerini, as it summons some of her best lyrics and performances to date.

Congratulations, Kelsea, on another beautifully intricate and authentic display of emotions with this new EP.

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