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Bradley Kim Writes A Song About An ‘Internet Boy’ (Review)

Bradley Kim met a guy on the internet. They initially hit it off, but as the date unraveled, things got just plain weird. “Internet Boy” is that story. Through a glistening, electric production, the pop tunesmith tinkers with a rush of emotions through a musical prism. “He opened up the door, but now it’s closing,” he sings.

“He went and told me / He said, ‘I don’t wanna fall in love to watch you leave,’” Kim sings in great detail. “‘Make another promise I know I can’t keep / I know it’s just a night and that it’s not that deep / I just don’t want you to write a song about me.’”

His voice bounces like a rubber ball over the melody. Guitars crash, piano twinkles, and the melody wiggles into the brain. In a statement, he explains the song’s backstory, “We flirted back and forth for a bit and eventually went on a date when we both happened to be in the same city. I had a lot of fun, but he gave me a lot of mixed signals throughout the day; the date ended with him telling me that he didn’t want to get attached to me because he didn’t want to do long distance with me, in part, because he didn’t want me to write a song about him, so naturally, I wrote a song about him.”

Listen to “Internet Boy” below.

From Seattle, Washington, Bradley Kim discovered his love for music after a promposal. Initially, he had big dreams of playing football and even landed a scholarship for the United States Air Force Academy. He played for two years before a series of injuries ended those ambitions. As a result, he turned to music for not only self-expression but to find his way in the world. Kim now boasts millions of TikTok views and more than 60,000 monthly Spotify listeners.

“Internet Boy” clips on the heels of an EP titled Starting Over, released just last month. To say he’s been busy is an understatement.

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