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Girl Wilde Remembers An Old Flame With ‘July’ (Review)

The flame burns in her memory, as bright and brilliant as the days they happened. A love so strong she can even feel it pounding in her chest now. With “July,” indie-pop starlet Girl Wilde reflects back upon a time in the summer when a lover scorched their name on her heart.

“It was a summer night, in the middle of July,” she sings, wispy and wistful. She later adds, “I wanna make bad decisions and get high / Off the thrill of skipping meals for butterflies / I miss the heat beneath my fingertips, the bangin’ drum inside my chest / And you…”

“July” (co-written with Jonah Mutono and Jon Buscema) is a folk-pop tune in the imprint of Taylor Swift and Marit Larsen. Girl Wilde melds genres effortlessly, as her voice seems to only age like fine wine. She carves out the words with subtle, quite magnificence; it seems her very life depends on delivering the images with her whole heart. Perhaps, it does. Perhaps, it doesn’t. Either way, “July” is among her richest, most evocative performances to date.

Listen to “July” below.

Girl Wilde has been making plenty of noise over the years. Her particular brand of pop music is wild and unruly. From her full-of-bangers Probably Crying EP to her “Chris Evans” song  – can you guess what it’s about?! – she’s a fearless performer that doesn’t shy away from themes about mental health, self-worth, and empowerment. She’s nothing short of thrilling.

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