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Reyna Roberts Drives Down A “One Way Street” (Review)

Reyna Roberts swerves with her brand new single. “One Way Street,” which she co-wrote with Aaron Wagner and Natalie Stovall, wades through the uncertain waters of unrequited loved. Roberts braves the rising tides, even though she has no idea where to go next.

“I can’t keep drivin’ down a one way street / All these miles with my heart in the backseat,” she sings. “I can’t keep pretendin’ that this ain’t a dead end / I know where this nowhеre road leads.” Her vocals are straight-fire, demonstrating that she knows a thing or two about her own power. She’s a fearless performer, and that has never been more evident.

The thematic pulse of the song isn’t a new conceit, but Roberts’ performance packs a punch, brimming with conviction. “It’s a universal feeling – getting mixed signals and not knowing which direction to go in,” she says about the song. With the force of an anvil, Roberts takes absolutely no prisoners this time ‘round. “I’m swervin’ over and I’m switchin’ lanes / On the road to leavin’ my mistakes,” she admits on the bridge.

“One Way Street” samples a forthcoming debut album, Bad Girl Bible: Vol 1, out everywhere September 8.

Listen to “One Way Street” below.

Alaska-born, Roberts has been making quite a bit of noise over the last few years. She first hit the scene with 2019’s “67 (Winchester),” now a one-million streaming hit, and hasn’t slowed down since. She quickly followed with the radio-ready “Stomping Grounds,” which could compete with literally anything on country radio. More singles followed, including “Raised Right,” “Pretty Little Devils,” and “Country Club.”

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