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Tanner Adell Releases Genre-Blending Assemblage of the Year “Buckle Bunny” (Review)

Singer + songwriter Tanner Adell is making country music history. After growing a massive following on TikTok, the songstress has released her debut genre-blending country mixtape Buckle Bunny via Columbia Records.

The eight-song project is chock-full of feminine energy and brewed conventional country, pop, and hip-hop makings that contribute to the telling of her story. The unconventional west meets contemporary pop and refutes stereotypes.

“Buckle Bunny” opens up the collection and transforms a rather derogatory name buckle bunny – a woman who is a follower or devotee of rodeos and cowboys – and pumps it up with confidence.

“Bake It,” written with Evan Cline, Gabe Foust and Levon Gray, trails the title track is heavily soaked with hot off the press pop makings and innuendos while “FU-150” is brimming with sass.

“I got a new FU-150 I ain’t comin’ back / And you can’t come with me / Adios to your broke ass / Broke down Silverado, this XL six-inch lift is bigger than anything I’d ever get with you / I got a new FU-150.”

“See You In Church” captures the most country vibes sonically equipped with guitar and punchy percussion. “Throw It Back” trails off of the latter and showcases Adell’s vocal range.

“Trailer Park Barbie,” fitting for the release of the Barbie movie this week, steers back over into Adell’s trademark ambiance. The composition carefully fuses her Wyoming and California roots, taking back originality in country music. Arresting “I Hate Texas” finishes the assemblage strong with tenacious storytelling and poignant lyricism.

“I hate Texas / When those Bluebonnets bloom / Yeah, I can’t help but think of you / No matter how hard I try not to / I hate laughin’ / When I see that mansion, we said we’d get / Settle down, have a couple kids / Got me rememberin’ when (got me rememberin’ when) / Every Sunday was the same / God bless the Cowboys game / Miss your daddy asking me to say that grace / And I can’t help it / ‘Cause I love Texas / Now I hate Texas”

“Buckle Bunny is the lifeblood of Glam Country. My genuine, unfiltered thoughts and feelings. An absolute mood,” Adell says about the mixtape. The singer told popculture about the makings of her signature sound, “It’s very organic. I’m half black, half white. I spent half of my time in California, half of my time in Star Valley. I just met my birth family. I have half my birth family, half is my adopted family. I’ve always been half of this and half of that, and I don’t really have to try. I don’t really need to try.” She continued, “When I’m in the room, I’m not thinking at all, ‘Oh, should we lean towards country? Or maybe let’s lean towards more of a pop sound.’ I just kind of hear it and that’s just what naturally I tend to do. Everything’s just always going to have some sort of country influence because that’s just who I am.”

This project follows the already successful singles “Honky Tonk Heartbreak,” “Country Girl Commandments” and “Love You a Little Bit.”

Keep up with Tanner Adell at @tanneradell.

Buckle Bunny Tracklist:
1. Buckle Bunny – (Tanner Adell, Jesse Thomas, Cameron Bartolini, Louis Bartolini, leelee, Sean Anthony)
2. Bake It – (Tanner Adell, Evan Cline, Gabe Foust, Levon Gray)
3. FU-150 – (Tanner Adell, Evan Cline, Derrick Southerland)
4. Strawberry Crush – (Tanner Adell, Evan Cline, Sam Ashworth)
5. See You In Church – (Tanner Adell, Patrick Mencel)
6. Throw It Back – (Tanner Adell, Dan Pellarin)
7. Trailer Park Barbie – (Tanner Adell, Gabe Foust, Sarah Jones)
8. I Hate Texas – (Tanner Adell, Evan Cline)

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