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JD Shelburne Reveals Next Chapter of Life in “Neon Hallelujah” (Review)

Country songsmith JD Shelburne is accustomed to narrating his life through musical biographies. From Taylorsville, Kentucky, to Nashville, Shelburne is making strides with his latest body of work, Neon Hallelujah.

“Cars & Trucks” starts the assemblage with a golden, percussive introduction that paves the way for the rest of the project.

“Devil in Me” combats one’s alter personality that dabbles into a wilder side, “Change Your Mind” rides out the tide during a hardship, “Panama City Six-Pack” savors the fun times after a much-needed vacation, and “Wouldn’t Be Worth A Damn” has the songwriter wearing his heart out on his sleeve.

The title track, “Neon Hallelujah” written by Maks Gabriel, Jayce Hein, Jimmy Thow and Jamie Floyd, boasts the fearlessness of liquid courage as a neon sign and four walls create a heavenly ambiance. Shelburne sings, “When the whiskey buzz starts to move ya / Friday feeling cuts right through ya / That’s the good lord talking to ya / That’s a neon hallelujah.”

Shelburne says, “‘Neon Hallelujah’ is my life in music. Every line, every image, is like a photo of a special moment in my memory bank – the rusty truck, the corner store, everything here is really how I grew up. I knew fans would relate to it.”

“All Night Kiss” captures a contemporary country sound perfect for soaking up the summer with while “Let Love Down” emulates that same description. Neon Hallelujah closes out with the previously released cover of “Amazing Grace” with the none other The Oak Ridge Boys.

“It’s hard to believe that I have just finished my sixth studio album,” said Shelburne of the project. “I moved to Nashville in 2008 with a dream and some songs. I had no idea how far I could go or what goals I would achieve but I knew I had to work hard and keep showing up. I have worked for months on new music starting in early 2022, finding great songs, writing, and producing, and I am so proud of this album! I have grown as an artist and the songs I have picked for this album have been written by some of Nashville’s most successful writers – all of whom I’m fortunate to call friends. Years of crafting my music, finding ways to connect with people in the industry, playing countless shows on the road and meeting fans is really starting to pay off. I am so grateful and excited to finally put Neon Hallelujah out into the world!” 

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