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Meet Becca Means, Your Newest Pop Obsession (Interview)

Meet Becca Means, she just might be your newest pop obsession.

The emerging artist just released her debut single “My Darling” which is love-song turned breakup anthem.

Countrypolitan Magazine had the pleasure of sitting down with the artist over Zoom to chat about the new release, creation process and much more!

Hi Becca! First, tell us about yourself and how you got into music? Was there a moment where you decided this was your calling?

Yes! I have been a music lover ever since I was younger. My family always had a piano in our house and I think when I was about nine years old is when I took it upon myself to teach myself piano. After learning piano I think that sparked my interest for music just because I felt in control of the songs I was making and what I was doing covers of.

You released your debut single “My Darling”. Why don’t you dive into the creative process and what inspired it?

Originally, it was an old demo I had remastered. The original demo I made the first month I was in LA. It was called “My Darling, My Angel”, so it was a little love song…it was cute and it was verse and a chorus and I didn’t do anything with it for awhile until recently. For some reason, I was like ‘you know what, I had just recently gone through a breakup and I was angry and I’m gonna turn “My Darling, My Angel” into ‘my darling, you’re not an angel’ so that’s kinda the story behind it. It was really fun to rewrite and reword in the more fun, upbeat way.

What do you envision or visualize when making music? And there is there anything beyond music inspiring you?

When I’m making music, I love to put myself IN the music. I will sit there and envision exactly what I’m writing about which is how I make my music videos. It’s super easy to see exactly what I want the song to look like. I picture a music video type. I think it’s easy to write along with a storyline but to go on with what inspires me- everything. I will go on a drive in Beverly Hills and look at the massive houses and that will inspire me for a song. Getting out of my comfort zone is inspiring and brings new ideas.

I know you garnered a significant following on TikTok, so what excites you about the intersection between TikTok and the music industry for the future? How do you think it will be used positively to help artists achieve their goals?

I love TikTok. I think it’s a great way to connect to people and I think there always was this wall between artists and their fans. I’m most excited to interact with the people who love my music because it’s such a community and easily accessible. It makes people think that they know me which makes it easy to share your life. It’s the beautiful thing about it!

What did you learn about yourself and your musicianship throughout the creation process of the track?

It was me and my producer Slush-Puppy who wrote and produced the song and I think honestly this was one of the first songs I really felt I was a part of in a bigger way. We were sitting and writing this song and I usually have a co-writer in the room with me but this time I didn’t and it was just me and Slush. I felt so empowered when I was writing my own song with one person. It was a very confirming feeling to know ‘I can do this’. This is now half my song. It felt like I was way more involved in the creative process that I ever have been and that’s why I love it so much.

How do you deal with the idea of universal themes? Do you arrive at relatable concepts first, or does it come from your own experiences?

To go along with I usually imagine things. I love to write about specific occasions. For example, I remember being on a ferris wheel at Coachella and I wrote a song called “Faded on The Ferris Wheel” and it’s very specific moments where I like to take them and create a whole world around them throughout a song. I think eventually the theme finds itself. With “My Darling”, I started writing it because I had a lot to say and then eventually it was like ‘Oh, we can tie this into a toxic relationship but how do we make it upbeat and happy’? You have to work through it to find the theme.

Which artists have most influenced your sound or impacted your life?

I am such an Oldies girl so mine are Elvis Presley, Lesley Gore, The Supremes. All the bubblegum pop, Motown, 60s and decades music. I’m so obsessed with that era of music because they were forced to use real instruments because they didn’t have technology. It has such a specific, nolstagic pure sound.

How would you describe your sound and how do you see it evolving in the future?

I would describe my sound as super heavy influences from 60s pop and bubblegum Motown and soulful. It lives in a world where it’s completely on its own. It’s a melting pot of so many sounds. In the future, trying it all is the main goal.

Finally, what is next for you? What are some of your dreams and goals for the future?

My biggest dream is to have reoccurring music come out so I’m working on a lot of fun projects and I think an album would be so fun just because its a body of work and the world behind it. Especially like tours! I cannot wait to perform and do the whole thing.

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