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Jenna DeVries Blends Sparkling Disco-Pop & Country On ‘Rhinestone Cowgirl’ (Review)

Jenna DeVries reveals she’s a “dangerous woman” over trippy, sparkling beats. “Rhinestone Cowgirl” filters country through a disco-inspired pop lens. She lassos each genre with ease, as though she’s been doing this her entire life. She’s masterful in the way she sculpts her own unique vision.

“Say her name three times, just appears in the night / Oh, she’s a dangerous woman,” she sings. “I gotta fuel that fire, gotta let her shine.” Production throbs, driving the lyrics and DeVries’ vocals through the roof. She bounds away and shoots straight across the sky. It’s that propulsive.

A solo-written track, the entry is “the ultimate sapphic love story – it tells the tale of the kind of love that feels dangerous,” shares DeVries in a press statement. “It was the perfect opportunity to create this small fantasy world that allowed me to play with the idea of gender expression. Love is love – no matter how people identify or look, I believe there is a unique and beautiful love story out there for all of us.”

Listen to “Rhinestone Cowgirl” below.

After her run on American Idol’s farewell season, she has amassed one million streams and a loyal fanbase. Her singles include “Memphis” and “Daddy’s Little Heart Attack.” She’s also struck gold with blockbuster collaborations with Adam Mac and Harper Grae.

For the accompanying “Rhinestone Cowgirl” music video (above), DeVries goes for a straightforward storyline. “The video also took my DIY skills to the max – the saddle you see in the video was a labor of love that took almost two weeks to transform,” she says. “You could find me bedazzling a saddle in my living room until all hours of the night – but it really turned out exactly how I imagined it.”

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