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Lauren Spencer Smith Bears The Burden On ‘Bigger Person’ (Review)

Lauren Spencer Smith keeps the peace. Always a people-pleaser, she sacrifices her own boundaries for the sake of those around her. With “Bigger Person,” she exposes the truth about two people, in particular, and how often she’s had to take the blame.

Over soaring piano, Smith doesn’t mince her words. “I was half of this dynamic / I was stable, you were manic,” she confronts. “Without you or with you, comes with a cost / I got used to the excuses and emotional abuses / We kept moving the lines we’d never cross.”

Her thorny lyrics nestle inside a deceptively-soothing arrangement, one that appears to wash away the pain. In exorcising her demons, Smith manages to let it all leave her body and fly free. “I can’t get the closure when you’re like this,” she sings. Ultimately, she’s able to reclaim her self-worth and find peace

Listen to “Bigger Person” below.

“Bigger Person” is an essential cut from Smith’s newly-released album, Mirror.

“This is my favorite song on the whole album,” she says in a behind-the-scenes commentary video. “This is so random that I wrote this song at night ‘cause I’m not a night person. I could have a session at 10 in the morning, and I’m stoked.” 

Co-written with Geena Fontanella and Thomas Daniel Bracciale, “Bigger Person” is initially based on a concept Braccaile cooked up. Smith then steered the songwriting in another direction. “Tom and Geena just understand me completely ‘cause I think they’ve been through similar things,” she continues. “[This song] was definitely written about two people in my life who I’m constantly having to be the bigger person and fix things and be the people pleaser and do things that keep the peace… let down my own boundaries I shouldn’t have to let down to make sure everybody else is ok.”

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