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Newcomer Logan Crosby Depicts Journey of Love Affair in New EP “23 Days in L.A.” (Review)

Nashville newcomer Logan Crosby has released his long-awaited-for-five-song debut EP, 23 Days in L.A. This assemblage showcases a tasteful introduction to Crosby’s soulful offerings and musical expertise. Co-written by Crosby and co-produced by Jonathan Singleton and Ben Simonetti, the rising country songsmith is off to one hell of a start.

23 Days in L.A commences with the infatuation-brimming song “Run Away With You.” Co-written with Billy Dawson and Chase McDaniel, this song narrates the highs of young love overtop mid-tempo instrumentation. “Ain’t Nothin’ Like Lovin’ You” keeps the ball running in another love-laced conventional country offering.

“A Little Sunburnt, A Little Drunk” continues Crosby’s love affair but through the lens of a more reminiscent standpoint. The singer’s vocal takes are immensely smooth and full of emotion as he spills out his lyricism.

“Whiskey Smoke” inaugurates in a different direction with a more mainstream, radio country landscape as the toxic cycle of his relationship gets worse. Lastly, “23 Days in L.A,” written by Allison Veltz Cruz and Ben Williams, closes the works with the end of this crazy love story.

Crosby shares, “23 Days in L.A  tells a story we’ve all been through, myself included. You find somebody, you love them as hard as you can, and for some reason, they still walk away. Every emotion from my time in California is in this project and I hope it connects with you. Since I was four years old, all I’ve ever wanted to do was write and sing songs, so I want to thank y’all from the bottom of my heart for coming on this journey with me.”

There is still so much in store for the country heartbreaker.

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