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David Tucker Proclaims His Worth With ‘Useless’ (Review)

David Tucker wades through a toxic relationship with his vibey new song “Useless.” With an emotional backbone, the singer drenches his words with icy production that gets the body trembling. The song, co-written with Francis Collins and Jake Saghi, finds Tucker burning through the “crazy” of the relationship.

“Maybe you’d stop calling me at 2 am if you didn’t know I’d pick up / Maybe you’d stop telling all your friends we’re through if they knew everything you’ve done,” he sings, not holding a single thing back. “Maybe I wouldn’t be so crazy If crazy’s not how you made me / Maybe you wouldn’t think I was so useless if you’d have used less of me.”

It’s the unapologetic lyrical honesty Tucker displays that makes the song such a surefire standout. His words fall like acid rain, eating through everything in their wake. Tucker is fierce with the lyrics and lays his heart bare on the floor. He’s reached a boiling point, so there’s no backing down from here.

Listen to “Useless” below.

The song tells “the story of how it feels to be used while in a relationship with someone who takes advantage of the person you are,” Tucker shared in a press statement. “I believe it’s something we have probably all encountered before with someone and is something I think that people should really listen and take note of more often.”

Georgia-born and Kentucky-raised, Tucker moved to Nashville back in 2017. His career took off within a few years, and his work landed him placements in CMT and Vevo, among other reputable publications. But an autoimmune diagnosis and a car accident sidelined him for two years. Now, back and better than ever, Tucker eyes the release of a new EP this fall. “Useless” comes on the heels of several other releases, including “Water It Down” and “What You Think About This Song.”

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