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Southern Country Artist Tyler Farr Releases New EP “Rednecks Like Me” (Review)

Southern country singer + songwriter Tyler Farr has released his latest project Rednecks Like Me. This project marks the first one since 2020 and is also the first project that sees Farr as a songwriter on all of the songs. 

He says, “This is the first project I’ve co-wrote all the songs on, so this is a big step in my career for me. I’m so proud of this album and hope fans will really get a chance to hear what I’m all about.”

Produced by Jason Aldean, the six-song project starts with the previously-released track, “Rednecks Like Me,” which has already received high praise. It’s a proud patriotic song and celebrates what it’s like to be American. He sings, “I’m red, white and blue / How about you? Country to the bone / From my hat down to my boots / It’s in my roots to take a stand / ‘Cause freedom isn’t free / Take a look around and you’ll see / There’s a lot more rednecks like me.”

“Tell You ‘Bout That,” written with Thomas Archer, Lalo Guzman, and Michael Tyler, follows the opener and blends a Southern rock aura with a conventional country song. The third slot is reserved for the ballad “Questions;” an untraditional father-daughter song. Its lyricism is potent with honesty and narrates all of the questions that someday Farr is going to have to explain to his daughter when she grows up. 

“Silverado Gold,” written with Blake Bollinger, Nate Kenyon, and Katie Noel, is home to Farr’s signature rasp while “First Rodeo” is the EP’s hard-hitting breakup song. He sings, “I ain’t a cowboy but this ain’t my first rodeo.” 

Jelly Roll hopped on the project with Farr for “Country As Shit.” The song sounds as if it’s straight out of Willie Nelson’s catalog. Written with Jason DeFord, Vicky McGehee, Josh Mirenda, and Andy Sheridan, this song travels down Missouri backroads instilled with country references. They sing, “Yeah, fishin’ ain’t the only thing that we do in the dark / Got the windows rolled up / That light is about to sparkin’ / ‘Round here our trucks stay muddy / Out here our cooler’s loaded down / Ain’t scared to knuckle up buddy / You better think twice ‘fore you run that mouth.” 

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