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Flamy Grant Dedicates Touching ‘I Think I See The Island’ To Partner (Review)

Drag queen Flamy Grant suspends time for just a few minutes. “I Think I See the Island,” a surprise treat of her partner on his birthday, flutters through the scrapbook of their life together in San Diego. I dare you not to cry.

The mountain range permits a majestic view of the Isla Coronado, off the coast of Mexico. The sun paints a vivid, awe-inspiring picture. Flamy Grant and her spouse consume the view every single day. It’s a ritual for them. “Fate and fortune spun the wheel, and since we’re versatile, we made a little life out here for a little while,” she sings. “From our little yellow house, we’d take the dog and climb the hill / At the top is where the sky would open up.”

Written in one session, the song came to Flamy Grant like a bolt of lightning. As the couple contemplates the next chapter of their lives – and considers moving to places like Nashville or her hometown of Asheville, North Carolina – the song serves as a testament to their lives together in the Finest City in America. There’s a certain freedom with endless possibilities. This is just the beginning for them.

Listen to “I Think I See the Island” below.

Pointing out Isla Coronado each morning brings unbridled joy, even if they do it every time they see it. “I imagined us in our seventies shuffling to the top of that hill every morning, peering across the canyons with failing eyes, checking to see if the island would make an appearance today,” Grant shares on YouTube. “And rather than feeling predictable or boring, I found the idea very, very comforting. I knew I wanted to gift it to Chris as a way to mark this season of our lives — pandemic dog walks; navigating our first years as a married couple in the suburbs; the tiny, recurring thrill of a silly game we played every morning.”

“I Think I See the Island” comes as a double-release with “That Was All You.”

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