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Taylor Swift Cracks Open The Vault For ‘I Can See You’ (Review)

Taylor Swift once again swings open her vault to retrieve never-before-heard gems. With Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), released Friday (July 7), the pop star delights with some of her most brilliant treasures.

One of the shinest comes in the form of “I Can See You” – a percussive-heavy, groovy little number that finds Swift reaching a higher apex of her Speak Now era. A soft haze descends around her voice, which hasn’t sounded so clean, so vivid, so emotive. With vintage brush strokes, she seems to not only pay homage to her youth but finds herself delivering a song that fits snugly into the modern pop landscape.

“I can see you waitin’ down the hall from me, and I could see you up against the wall with me,” she sings in a seductive whisper. Her voice is faint but as piercing as ever. “And what would you do? Baby, if you only knew that I can see you.”

From its rustic glow to the uh-uh-uhs on the post-chorus, there’s something electrifying radiating out of the song’s soul. Perhaps it’s the way Swift manages to both slink like a panther and swing from the rafters like an acrobat. Or it’s the way the arrangement clings to her, as though some sort of sticky cobweb. 

Her vocal agility has been refreshed and repressed in a way that’s impressive. Gone are the days when critics could lambast her for paper-thin vocals and abrasive tone. She’s blossomed into quite the vocal interpreter, imbuing her words with the kind of emotion only seasoned professionals can wield. She’s proved herself and now can simply lean into the work, delivering a performance for the ages. “I Can See You” is that song.

Watch the “I Can See You” video below.

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