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Bow Anderson Hits All The Right Places with ‘Midnight’ (Review)

Bow Anderson has returned with her new track “Midnight” released under Universal Music / EMI UK. It follows her viral hit ‘20s’ which has hit over 50 million streams.

“Midnight” hits a more unguarded territory for the London-based singer/songwriter. It finds Anderson singing about perpetual, racing thoughts of a restless night over a suitable, compelling 80s-pop beat.

In the press release, Anderson said “Midnight is about not being able to sleep at night due to anxiety. It’s the idea that even though I’m shattered all day, I can keep myself busy and run away from my worries by seeing friends or going out…anything to shut my mind off. But as soon as my head hits the pillow at ‘Midnight’, my thoughts come alive, and I overthink anything and everything. I’m trying to be a little kinder to myself and I hope this song helps people feel less alone.”

The accompanying music video finds Anderson in a car driving through town on a dark night going through the motions. 

“I’m my own worst enemy at night/ All the voices come alive/ Saying your disappointment/ And you’re f’ning up your life/ It’s a really lonely fight/ When the monsters in your mind/ Tell you no one’s gonna love you/ Welcome to my head at midnight”. 

The track hits all the right places and one can admit we all had thoughts about not feeling good enough or you’re never gonna find your dream job. 

Those feelings of course hit late at night when you can’t really control them. There are days where it’s difficult to pull yourself out. It’s okay to have those intrusive thoughts here and there. It’s what makes you human but at the same time you are more than those thoughts. 

Everyone moves at their own pace, and I have trouble believing that myself at 29. There are days where I feel like I’m so behind in life compared to others at my age. If anything, my life is just beginning. 

Your dreams and goals are achievable no matter what age. Keep on chasing after them. Remember to always be a little kinder to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up over the little things. 

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Danielle Taylor

Danielle is passionate about all things music, entertainment, Marvel and Disney! You can usually find a iced coffee or bubble tea in her hand.

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