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MORGXN Throws Caution To The Wind With ‘Young & In Love’ (Review)

A syrupy wistfulness seeps out of MORGXN’s new song. “Young & in Love” pounds the ribcage with an abandon to cause a “mess,” as he sings. Flying free, the singer-songwriter barrels down the highway to somewhere, anywhere over the horizon.

“Take my eyes off the road / Take my hands off the wheel / Just need somewhere to go, just need something to feel,” MORGXN powers through the lyrics. “All these thoughts in my mind / Wanna throw them away.”

“Young & in Love,” his first love song, was co-written with Peter Fenn. It’s a criminally-addicting chorus that burrows into the brain, allowing you to feel the love coursing in your veins right along with him. “To be young and in love in the mess that we made,” he sings, looping this refrain until the very last stanza.

Love is the most intimate of experiences. “Young & In Love” celebrates every shade of love, from the intoxicating joy to the messy bits. On the song, MORGXN shares, “There is such power and vulnerability in falling in love. I’m opening up to a feeling I’ve never felt before or thought I would be close to again. It’s messy. It’s wild. It’s beautiful.”

Listen to “Young & in Love” below.

“Young & in Love” follows “Modern Man” and the viral hit “Beacon,” which has garnered more than 200,000 Spotify streams.

MORGXN’s musical journey began with 2016’s “love you with the lights on,” quickly followed by a series of remixes and other singles, including “hard pill to swallow.” His debut record, vital, arrived in 2018. Four years later, he issued MERIDIAN.

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