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Country Risers Share Memories with Mother In Honor of Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day is this weekend, Countrypolitan talked with rising country stars who are trailblazing the path about their favorite memories of their mom.

Trevor Justin | Countrypolitan Magazine

Ashley Ryan

One of my favorite memories with my mom is going horseback riding together. When I was 16, she put me in riding lessons and always stayed to watch me. Since she grew up with two, it was fun to show her what I learned in class that day. We have always shared the same love for horses so that’s something that really bonds us.

Trevor Justin | Countrypolitan Magazine

Sasha McVeigh

My Mum and I are pretty much inseparable, and I wouldn’t be where I am in my career without her and the countless sacrifices she made over the years to help me chase this dream. Recently, my Mum and I got matching tattoos which is something I’d wanted us to do for years but I was too chicken to take the plunge and do it. We each drew a heart on a piece of paper, and then Mum had the heart I drew tattooed on the back of her neck (for a very specific, but personal reason) and I had the heart that Mum drew tattooed on my left wrist so that if ever I’m playing a show and she’s not there, I can look down when I’m playing guitar and see the heart, and know she’s always with me.

Trevor Justin | Countrypolitan Magazine

Laurel Taylor

My favorite memory with my mom is singing in the car to some of our favorite songs/ artists!  We would always try to harmonize together while we are driving down the road.  That would always make us laugh!” 

Trevor Justin | Countrypolitan Magazine

Cort Carpenter

I have a million amazing memories with my Mom (literally a million) because she and my Dad are my best friends. However, one of my very favorites is when she held my son Lux for the first time. Due to the pandemic, my parents weren’t able to fly out and see him for like a month + after his birth. When my Mom was finally able to hold him. It was a tender moment I’ll never forget.

Trevor Justin | Countrypolitan Magazine

July Moon

All my life, my mom has worked a lot, so it was extra fun when she would take me to go shopping and to get our nails done. We’d go to the Green Hills Mall and go to all our favorite stores, and then go across the street to Signature Nails. That may not sound like much, but when you’re raised with two older brothers, those were always the greatest getaways.” – Braeylin

When I moved to Nashville, my mom helped me move and unpack my uhaul. My apartment was located the furthest from the elevator, and we carried all of my furniture – including a heavy sectional couch – just the two of us. After a full day of moving, we were finally down to the last thing, which was the mattress. We had hardly any energy left, and I just remember us both laughing so hard, to the point of delirium, because the mattress kept collapsing on us. At one point we were both on the hallway floor, just laughing at ourselves because we couldn’t lift it again. We did finally get it though!” – Piper

My mom and I would always spend a lot of time in the car together, whether it was moving when my dad was deployed, or road tripping hours and hours away to my shows. One of my favorite memories is hearing ‘Traveller’ by Chris Stapleton for the first time together and listening to it on loop for hours!” – Cassidy

Trevor Justin | Countrypolitan Magazine

Dylan Jakobsen

Sitting in the backseat of the car on our way home at night. Me in my little booster seat with my eyes out the window. My mom would point to the sky and say “Look Dylan, the moon is following you!” …And it always did, every turn, all the way home. And all these years later, that memory is still with me… and it made its way into my song “Six

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