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Notable Released: Erin Kinsey, Chris Young, Alana Springsteen & Others

In the month of January, we saw a wide range of talent release music that soared to new heights.

As these songs are released, our playlists put them into repeat. From the lyrics to the instruments, these artists have created a song that left us begging for more.

View our favorite releases of last month that we had on repeat!

“Boys In Boots” – Erin Kinsey

She released a joyful track worth turning up loud. Kinsey’s voice is easy to listen to. She sings about her favorite things and her friends, including cowboys. Kinsey notes that she deserves what she deserves and should be treated as. A perspective like this is sure to attract many new fans.

“you don’t deserve a country song” – Alana Springsteen

A singer like Springsteen always wears her heart on her sleeve. Instead of writing songs for her fans, she curates them to be like conversations between friends. This new release is no exception. Springsteen talks about realizing she is much happier without someone weighing her down. It makes no sense to feel sorry over someone who did not deserve you, as this singer-songwriter proves.

“Shoot Tequila” – Tigirlily Gold

There’s a brand new song from this sister duo, and it’s an exciting one. With their voices blending together in such a way that makes them always enjoyable to listen to, the song is a high-energy anthem about forgetting one’s problems. The official music video adds to the infectiousness of the song.

“Looking for You” – Chris Young

From the moment the song begins, one can feel the hope and enticing love Young sings about. This is a melodic earworm that will stay stuck in anyone’s head for days to come. When love finds you, you realize that’s what was waiting for you. The relatable message of the song is feeling like you were searching for something but weren’t sure what it was.

“Old House” – Laurel Taylor

‘Old House’ evokes a wide array of feelings, ranging from nostalgia to regret. Taylor takes listeners back to a time that helped them become who they are today. She is able to make them reflect on their own childhood home as well as the love and complications that go along with it. Taylor wants to remind everyone not to forget where they came from, even if it wasn’t a happy experience.

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Trevor Justin

Trevor Justin is an accomplished journalist and PR specialist, having been a part of the music industry since the age of 13, the Iowa native has built a strong foundation across the music sector.

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