LOCASH Raises A Beer to Land of The Free In New Single “Three Favorite Colors” (Review)

As they raise a beer to the land of the free, LOCASH, delivers a new single “Three Favorite Colors.”

A new song has been released by hitmakers, LOCASH, titled “Three Favorite Colors”. The song is an easy-to-sing good-time anthem with a strong message.

As patriotic as it gets, the upbeat song is co-written by Chris Lucas and Preston Brust, Nate Kenyon, and Drew Baldridge. The hook leads into an impressive chorus that will have every fan singing along to every word as the guys sing about all their favorite things such as country music and Tootsie’s Bar in the first verse.

“My favorite music’s country // And my favorite truck’s a Ford // My favorite spot to fish is down off the Florabama shore // My go-to bar is Tootsie’s // And my beer of choice is Bud // When it comes to college football teams // I only cheer for one // But I got three favorite colors // Not just one, not just two // I got three favorite letters // And let me spell ‘em out for you // They say USA // Where I wish everything was made // Every truck, every boot, and every tool // Yeah, I got three favorite colors // And that’s red, white, and blue”

The final verse and chorus of “Three Favorite Colors” clearly call for a sing-along and prove to be an ideal choice for LOCASH’s live performances.

What do you think?

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